Free Tool to Unify all installed Microsoft voices (except the traditional SAPI 4) in Windows.

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SAPI Unifier

Free software to Unify installed Microsoft OneCore voices and Microsoft Speech Server voices with Microsoft Speech API version 5 (SAPI 5) in Windows. Hence, users can employ all of the aforementioned voices as standard SAPI 5 voices in Windows.

You can download the latest version of the SAPI Unifier from this link which is version 1.1.

This software specially designed to be used with Dual Voice for NVDA for improving accessibility of visually impaired users to digital media worldwide. However, the unified voices can be used with any text reader software which supports SAPI 5 driver.

Note 1: this application is dependent on the Dot Net Framework 4.0 so a dot net framework version 4.x must previously have been installed. Also, Windows XP is supported. You can download dot Net framework 4 from the Microsoft website..

Note 2: I suggest installing Microsft Speech Platform voices especially if your Windows is not version 10 which means you have not accessed Windows oneCore voices. The Microsoft Speech Platform voices (server voices) also work fine in Windows XP. You can download x86_SpeechPlatformRuntime and also MSSpeech_TTS voices from Microsoft website.

License: this package is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Please see the License file for further details.